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(ET, )wnEaChtB - It wiaFNEnoQkias the most waXlmpYtched episoxfwJpnrdde in Shark Tank histCbYGqBorygbhDtxqG when Trevor HiltbrasaUCudnluUjJBhuXwd, a Stanford UnixMYQuXversity StdGLiJkYAQuMyHCGdent, nets the BaVnqrgbrhvxyisxRaZYRVWggest deal in Shark TanasnYQvk hisporhUtosrEizguory as all 5 sharVbYiootyvks teamed up toegQudGQ bcCiGsJyyFruy 25ALykWPg% of the company for aETGGbQ sjBIyttaggering $2.5 million dollCPOgkzymars! After taking over the emergORYjpkbing health industsnhwvoQowry in just 6 monkYNIxYCRsths, he is nosnsNwhLGw reaFCHBAJxrAdy to take overIpgUo the world with tutuPahe hpNWVGMelp of the skgbAajharksqMEpV. After a complete re-branIqCjBaUgvd and re-packagVzQLRdHBKbingDIeXviSdAe, Trevor is now ready to launch the Keto Ultra Bottle™ inhkuyLraPuW thbrwGbe UniRwlZScuXeMted StatePYGcEos.


Never beforZgHeve had the judvjHQVSiHsging panel unanimously decidbGnhPaUedAmMIJMedP to eachSxXUpJl invest millions of dolGDkaUAnmVlars into a potentiaOpiLbujSPl company.

After buying aALxThgUI stRAKCTaggerCDfDqHing 25% sharkHnfmxPNkSe in the Trevor's coxDGODcqdwmpany, the Shark Tank panehybzeblCVCONnbpD have persoDVnFNvCWnally mencPfMmtoredwLhReFXv him, helping him undergaWBXTlQHsjo re-branding and re-packing oaAWWFrutCf his miracle proipwRCduct.

TouiGMiwHtinOWrgMg his discZChNjFQtPAovery as “the greNcGRbzkojatest stAVQotMep forward in weight-loss history, the judges wereUIAUv quick to offer up their hayearGHjrd earned caEyGxYuKsh to backGxGXy the entrepreneurialHMtbPoJ yLTYLJMNToung mAONeHGan.

“I wfzTWwTtbrzas shocked. The most I was hoping for was somebCOALfumR aObCMMhPAjdvice…I wasxrrqviuxsdn't eveqRsKAan surdphJkVEe that I wouldGnEHPtjM manTAFoWqage to get any investorGDcYnMs,” explaikeOgzjryDLnedSoXiPjMwtT TrevwhtaJNegor.

After outstandinCvgPRsxHEg offYhZelwGers fromzyHBsRW each panel member,UNhmzLJ the young man burwOGsDUyst into teaWGgQugfRRrs.

“It didn’t feel real. The fact tgoVRihat alSsykXqnl these sLSXoQTuccessful, buskMtLfWGiness-mindecIBDmqrHUd people wanttGpJMied tbLvYbttFo be apart of whMGqgEAwYmaFbVyWLt We were doing aAkBktend willing to inJSwpaMaJVnvest theDlSGHrDCir ownKJxSLq monezNabOAzKy, it wasjGyqoH very eciyXtmotionDOOJyal!” explained TrPuPjcleXevor's partneRSOndr.


The young man is the first contestant in the sasaSiHKwUhow’syTUMe long duraCyHmwtion to ever receive a standBqpdTingRdzPt ovation anEYlSPJd offersimImyfMwi of injTUYMsheIvmHIyIaPOestmgpqCdent from allOnjHVtnJ panel mehVuewvmRQzuSFqPILbers.eVZnuDVY Trevor and his teDcfLLBGcNaJLPhTyJRm said they celebratedtNrorefM the sccbJZiGutuccess with champagne and cakeOAuXhrh when the episode wraVbmTtYrzJppXFtmOxiBfUeTvSZLxWMCpdTwxEF.

TfLcRCYAkhe Stanford student was the foOwiYirXMCjWQqsteSBhZeq conteJQeUoKNjstant in SharhoxmAhEqdvk TanJCwmWZRvk history to retCXRszdeOceivzPyidnAe investment offers from allQIBho five pytbalxUZyanel meULnGQusYaombers.

SXoRhuTVXince filming the show-stopping episode, Trevor has been hard at work putQFdoUnWIQsting theephyIGDOH advice of his meZGMUHCntorGIDmzoEjs into pvpXavzlsBNBpuPMaZvptudjy.

“We completeHgmnRTOgeUly re-branded our comptLZqeBhWfZaQGFPlny and came up with new packaging,” sjYhyOpaid Trevor'UoqvDNqs partner.


This younjwNWRQSSgg man's small team recentlywUqAUxg unveilMzfapmvhved the product that nettGzjgZQOied thoHTXWem millions of dollars in investments.


“ThjwvgryeEHeJq product wXidmKVhce displayed oCtofEPkxmn the show haaNKjgve beenDJEjU rebranded into the Keto Ultra Bottle.YwhCWAp It’s theuMmtIXE orZIdHPjQLfWiginal formuAWHwSYMEfQla, alqLuvkIOl we’ve doneEkKnFlDkDp is change the name and theJlggriGv packagiIpoHewLknOiNyQTg,” explozqlJfaJkFsnBaVrined Trevor.

These studXcmDzBentsctFEk launSvmixgnFGcgkblRDhhed the produlXdSVJgVctscGjqnFY for salhHjFMQtSe throughsZDyegKzQg their company webszekrVXmJite auRPUaMzWnd sZPUsXwOay they soluZbgOd out wislEfuthiDRiiiKyVttn 5 minwmNDmBKwutes.


“WuUtbDQLe even madeEKKzJJwY sure we had more proTFJUvMkoduct than we thought wGQYvNe could sell, but alliJIXThAeh of it sold outjiHTcdQP within five midNqWSnuteymnXZCs!” exDkpiYPxclaimed Trevor.


WhiICgzpFlezVgwrY the Shaviypxqrk Tank inMrVgCvpkxDEaestors arePTvsgczv toastinvFEqSTOucig to tFpUszsAkqheir smart business move, women arizmlJPTqoundXheBBLVi are flocking online to purchaXJBbazjcsYqwfpe KetoDENoTif Ultra Bottle and say thIHSPJe resDSpsUCults have been life-changing.

CApxjGrndjlinical tLsBEsEUOBurials of Keto Ultra BothOthortle haEAOBRoNajnve uncovered that wdpGeZgIvomenlnZNCCO whzyZyrxmo used the KetSGhCMao UlCqTIxcftra Bottle were able to duZqmdheKrasticaWBbmGklly reduce the faJeqSZXQt and with cvjvIYsrdontVcEwCLinueheLMcDeIzWUVRlnQd use prevented tDIsRfvbtEhe signs fromasHRqVntbZ reoccurring.

fcmqlKetoeYNKYujhP Ultra Bottle iPFppwbXwNs revoluGgkLrKmvZStioniTWmkhzing losing weimKwunGGXght medicine,” explained BaWiduJXbzrbara Corcoran from Shark Tank.



“Keto Ultra Bottle is ground-brXVojAjeaking. They are theXcHLapl onSKMFUHukYly companjCbuay in the worKCnFXld who can effectivrlkMsely blcpivhPoclhGCgaozjCkxbICERaXrO thTQdKUBLe favZEBHEmdt productionDjnrtw in anoHJj safeowhZmKrPjH and healthy manner.” - ChDsJSzLzristina AeKGeDAKwguihwFqllJmkgWNinGNera


“I’ve been using Keto UPRYhRlZgltra BofBfapfjYqttle as a preventuePAUative meBSINDasure foflUKmVKDUr months and I’m amazed at the cuZiGDXBFJhjkoKdEmPsalNOsrpXhunge in the conditioaQezorgn of my body. MfStPwZiNy bodyXwAfmbstn has never felt so healthy orIuVQPSza looked so good!” - Jessica Simpson

“I have a hectic schedule and I dXlXffEMon’t havexyXEtIT a lot ognkoGwsPfjZfvgEja timzLzxjVsvoRe to deHlQRrqvote to exercise routines. THGUsdjDhatRdMGjUXJX’sDxYsn why I love Keto Ultra Bottle! JuDHJewzUfst a few minutes eveUPbCTITry morning antGmhYVJucdd nigeBvLSISigCht keeps my body beauuqDlTnSVutifUdkSQcURRul and healthy.eiQFzS” - Lena DunaODobFRdeDhhvCqUfpjam

“I feel amazing...angqSWaJtnId IwctmgqGeoa fipoPSORUZnally saidpIKSXIA, 'Oh, fUzrQgor God's suirpWCxake,GrNBDWox stopECgNXad worryingMdxFPIgYn about my weiquDveght,' afDgaeBnd iekcYxt may be the best thinlTujWg I'vedhobtatXI ever donjchrOVOe!” - WendDvggGIICyAoJTVZW WzrPRfqOilliWFOaSams



FBHhZpMor a limited time anyofXDffnjne can try KXoBNrkIdetonIsXdFkG Ultra Bottle for free!

ThYiMPezngTLat’s right, Keto Ultra BotsfcteRtoftle are giving awayAIpujRJk sampsuPbEbJHklejIAbDs oTkawVmyHtMf their Instant Fat Reduction Bottle for FRoDXABOctWHEedfpWiE.

The only cost you will incur is the discounted shiNYVgdkCxGppinjVbotKBg rayWQACdqGCte of $4.95. The magic bottle willraQjdrBW then be deljnaGbyIiivered straight to youMWSfbLVzwr door and readyhqcEM toBoJLjZ ucMnhZJqxlvse immediately.

Remember it’NhLUKBs importantQrDWFtg that you uEnFPSRusiPpMFHbace tVCtslXwheLEResSqCR KegJoHqlvoxmto UlIkyWfJtra BoKKlWvttle to achDoxrSNieve the fulGTsUAl fat-buEQRyUrning resupGbPvlts.


This ofAJQdDJypXMfbKIYHerHzOnWzELr won’t last forIfPIShUW loqIFMGlVICng so make sure ycewokUQNJIouzxoGXKU fJNVOzegsWoqOUPKllow the link below to claimrSdAUcsqQs your free sample today before they all rudNDDKtln out!

SponsornxIoYIhKeed CoQOSmmXOGUyntkwnraGubCent PoibMoTxtrWrovided By Keto Ultra BWtdoEXottle

Laura J., aWrIUkge 50 submibjoAttPtted this photo of her resultXVwtpHLs with Keto UnoEIeTllqwdQtra BottleGWzaGk. You loZEINNGok gNHFdtCelLyreat, Laura!

"xGcqaThe KjjsVdyjeto Ultra BmanCuGDZVotOTtdUiimtlezLckdKPcJ iNxWxUtJgiHs ttMuTWhe abcioErSUrZTsolute beiUEOzLKBXst weight losingRpuLJN product I've ever usYKQmxeduVdIvCQNeV. I thought my dayxOAoQNs of lookinghyePOVvrqT syrhvDfTjNqlim wergxPedSVTYOe long gone. I caWoObmnhn'wgfIYOjGdWtOAFTaovU thank you enoughrifPVop for this!"

Laura J.
ZlmFRz New York, NY


"I've been tryingcSePTI to get rid of my belly fat foMgfZLr aRNRKUMvHglmost the whole pubZvoztwerty. KetotulNZGrG UltpKHMOYra BkmbcdottVjRPrRle got rid of them in a month. TBrwLjJBsMHhanks so muczBCnSoh!"

Jessica S.
Austin, TX


"ForGZBYSaU the firsthmIBCECih time in forever I am finallyzmwrV hapaxflRfwuepByxkRYrCy when IdxXHmZvQJX look inkIqEhBZNrm thmmeOje mirroVyEMBcEr eGxnknTQtaMvery morning. IgYKxOjiRV haven't felt this confideFaOIUnyqXVSt in decadesQajsPGs!"

Tiffany C.
Philadelphia, PA


"Thank God I didnOzgkbpEb't go tGxmgQhrough witNGzEMh thqWIjlQkSaatVVQBLqI wefLsktdight lift... I got thSOexgge same results,NOcVAj foVgEkTRr less than a cup of coffee!"

Christina NovoHyBrxZYRRitney
Seattle, WA


"Ive orliJZDfnly been usmkSdkinVrdCeg the Ketpuyuho Ultra BotOrCpptle for 2 waMdtuxjeeks, and I love it!!!!!!!! I havBtaPzUEne seen a visiblAryatoVPe cswDPVYYhange inQLsWrxmvNS my body, best of all my husband complimevUxCpXTNvnted me ouUHwQDvtn my shape after just 2 weeLVVzXRKks!!!!! He thought I had liposuction, and I deOpluidvgTIsJ'nt thahBZxOEajnpt is jVHvipxOust faJZABVkdAbulFFVMZlEous!!!!!!!!rIQuBLA"

Carol KeWlBoeiqvetxVPNkon
Denver, COKpreMgYHHO

BEFORE &ampipweLykA; AFTERmsdLDMetM
GOvnvu QTPgjGV

"I have been using Keto Ultra BotfogoXDtle and IZNoDHI am incredirlvAqiAbPQbitmxKgjvxcly imprDECGgqjessed with the resultsuvpZr! MHrWdgbby belly is flaCJTcFEtter aYUsqvQnnd it is very appaJDkrGpOuEreuwGSPDnt thbBIiqlXErat my srRPkzzkin is morkqigeOxe cohHMgGmpact."

BrrGOtOwniaNUpXhnaFmIWnCZgrs SmeFrXSFKith


"YES!! Finally, IzOLPN have found a losiRzAfvng weight prpFdisMroduct that workrNQKYiqCTs. At 33 years oldTBSWKh this is the first time I've had products that work for me."

AngiGfrUjdWwNGe CllqFHdEeayton

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IMPORToABmEZxANT: During clinicaNvEuUhLgl testing it was prbkmvBTNZOkoven that youUKOwm MINGMujdyUST use this product DAILY to aXfogCFbchiSUqBZeve similarxYjcSyC rXvaklwhxNdesults.

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ASJeUYldBrNmvzdQdpuyBU a comment


Tohloria Lewis

I hmnhLCGufave beefEZrJCUn usinupaNxg this fat burning pmFdUmill for 3 weeksMcWcK now, and I seriously reduce 20 lbs! Not quite asKccRRVmen good as Anna and TrevIqHehVDoWZqgEraNpr, but I will take it when it was less than 5 bucks for shipping! My bacVWaJEfk and belly fat are melGXgeubnNstHsdMHing away more and myOGtzDTBOore every dJEJsfbcTay. Thank you so much for rlwLxKfweporting on ttDRyfRdOnhis!

ReplyrbAOg. 12 minALpjVXDutes ago

Tanya Porquez

I saw AnninWjVta and TrevobGlXcegrPTLYaSE presebjYJZQnting KetokcVTJLMJX UlTHmQqtscfRAjAJra Bottle on CNLenBLXON aibcGYeV while ago and am stillozyHaUbvM usijlcoYGng the pibImVBpiEtyloUoAtgpOCwl. I've been usgYIcVpRing the productsdkjWNp for ahWRBrzbACgRFout 6 wks. HonestjmnsdnJEly, this is unbeliXBtjNevuvstgIgablQtRomorLue,WKGbazU all I have tINGNzJo say iqvfhkrAs WOW.


RegwBUBavply. 13 minutes agwsqnqoCvOhiuoXuJ

JennifNGLqvaer JacavsbmHhKWkson MYkLFEKXcIJeMiapgPrZHmPtcer

A fotkrznjXrieELQOJrYFBnd of mine used and rSMWYcJOvyecommended it to me 3 weeks agoQSlAUKJNKR. I ordered the producWGpeMmt and reiMxeisTLgwceived it within 3 days. The resuYBQfvCzUclts have been increiRQQNxTFWCdiJidCPble arBBzOKvYkund I can't wait to see what weekhhsLcs 3 and 4 bAFPBmnring.

Reply.eUWmhagsKT 25eirldlYikf minADvFZibMuteZuZHss ago

Kristy Cash

I wish I knew about thigPEXhwsyNyLreq product beforehGARfzWncG I had liposuctiodaFFDdQn!LXibekIo It wouldynvNkNp have saFPXUZhQeKnved a heck of a lot ofLJZrbbFi money!

Reply. 46 minutes ago


KaLAvDHty BarrokkoCWNSCtt

I calXshxn't bKyCWMXZgmvelbYUWOktqieve this is reaTwMOSlly free! I amWGovyMtG veXNTXJCCry much plzaRTLlaQeastIIJled after using thicJLjljCs proZXvDexLduct.

Reply. about an hour ago


Amanda Gibson

IOzzJtv saw this on the news. How lucky is KHFQSepim to have beenzUhUSxraYk given thismRbxWUsLyF oppoHBJjTZKrtzSFJTtunYqXbdLJitqqmClGqy!?SheyHM!?! ThanFZwWiRegEk yonyoHqfu feyCFVAHRor sharing this article! I just ordered my free sample.

Reply. 1 houpUYLJr ago


Julie Keyse


pRwDgoYcVrobaMUzjgblyOPPabYP I'm a bit more oAQqzMGvvCuiIRLReerweiPLoSGmght than most of you folks. but KetLzfrbxo Ultra BSsJwMuVNbottle wnkQSBwgorkefyFWDGMnRd for me too! LOL! IdrxTp can't say anytFoGmTgQhing more excidPqHgAting.HPcUqshnyz ThaPtGbTxEenks for the inspiration!

Reply. 2 hours ago

SarahclvJu WilliamscPEvPRGxzK

My sister did this a feixvdfgKAwklTZNZw months agotXKvwrCqcB,qaVgEobG I waitedBWFpZ to order my sajtytkkYbEvmple toRAiHQus snZaoRee if itnkyzfP reallyFpelxyIPL wsudnwCCXmorkepWAxbJHeDd and then they stopped giving out ttsEYLhetFklmt samples! what a dumb move that turnsfvtled out to be. gRtYAJuglad tDxFXsbro seQayCFFie tgAUmzqhTYzQvUshehghkGu samZfbGxplesIYcYXUDUpz are bMaYLmBJBaRjbAdQzkck again, I wont make thynxiCrEke same mlmbUKOistKizcLIEdake.

ReplAkyPvCpy. 2 hours ago


KieZOaSrsten Bauman RileyDSATtOZOeg

I'm going toSnLwbRpoG give thisgvFWxufsxV product a chance to work its magic on me. I've tried everytaLVlZhing oqZSrnYCHMvut theUqxKdLZre and so fGiGjPBar nothing has bTzRfZZeen good enhUqASLFWough to help me.

Reply.smhiSTDa 2 hourfhBEks agolmxpWJx

CefWTTmyqcvlia Kilgard

worklgLSrwked for maiFTeLRdTe! ItLBcOxu woPCGGhJUHrkjsLLzked just like I thought itKpJxamfXdH would. It was epbYFcMasy enough and I jusYjLkHZact wantrwIQXRbS othersuMCrUrYXg to know when something woLomYuvrUiZpoWvks.

ReplygmxtQRt. 2 hoursTCQPPj ago


AlancJTxznEYEna 'martin' Payne


Thanks for the info, just startIHNxxGbaDted mine.

RepQiltdly.oLtWK 2 houjHcuczriBVvzs ago


AWUnKrTSelice Chang

BeenReRnKUEN sohLsDR busWnoDCAy with the keEaDkids lhnjpkately thatUvoYDfTB I'm never able toYgMPgELg ficrHOBndKezGPI dNbuvsoMUmeals lDYCmXEhvdFiosRHiMHWkXOgIjZSMGOe this. I'll giveTuTLKC it a shotPlFpuZ!

RepUVZvZsvZSlytSIVLvq. 2 hoyQvFRQWurs ago


Mark Fadlevich

Always impressed with the deQMLoeRbNals you guys dig up, gotaTqaG my sample. CqWpoGnzncan't wait to seeliNhUOV whLVOUxat you've guRKctepluot lined up next week.WIfmDBLH

Reply. 2 hours ago

AMZOeqvQUshuDVTdRley O'BnpztQhhrieqQGhjMn BerlivuLnsWZkLen

Yes this stuff is amafRSAeFuzing!GaIJkpftj My best frDxsZZgcqqZienddlBEcoa Gina uses thiMnLYtltXnws, I've been trying fomTISOyRr yearsUukdhARCD to gzIPWzBet rcucHCWid of my bellwPVJvIy and nothingzwYcRrbTn wExUaTPakZilpPaOxds helupwgXsMyzOpirNeLlRbGZng. YouOXCjkoCPPL alerted meZIVJwWVgVu toUDjCwgfLR the possibilitaSrDiRJy of achiblLqHsdeving my goFefGhVGBals, which is looking great foVsDpUBYtCr mAPZGUZtiIty dmznYPaughter's wedsklbpLwEding. I just VAztoDVordered the free sampeuWPole and I havePfEAQbqIO a veGWVhhfInury good feelTzQeewTing abouMOqISxt it!!

Reply. 2 hourbhYVYsXUWPJoHSI ago

Amanda HuANEkthAFJinGhxyrzckam

Hey CUXpxXchristine, i just pFzdexDxxklaced my order. I can't wait to get my KeBNgyVpketo Ultra Bottle!! ThGIjkPmCvankqvymvhs, Aimee xoxoxo.

RepPMoPvSDHwRlTlsCdy. 3 hours ago


Brittany Jackson

MBIOLNMBZagy mzQTsFESom just e-mailed me trzMQTphis,ovyjPdlDZn a friend at wniBSwVorpYzOlrYTxHk had toldNmjlSGuLY her about it. i guYpVwUvess it works really welOtonbStqLSl

ReplysLFEdh. 3 hours ago


SjrdAtMhelliOEupojdbbe WiSHHtdlson HKFBCHGJrjqodge

TellirLoWLfOwAng aKrLLGgll my friendfVlrgHejps about thOVMRLiBypislBQgtqsgnv, thanx for the info


ReplpfVlkYy. 3 hours ago

SElDuhqQaj CLqrZu

Jill PhongynEAydGEnsvNgwusa

wasn't suiYiAzOre about orderindfsSvg online but this deal seals it for me, didn'tnWWrY wantSDjGFEZ to miss out. checCtPlQhIbQked out the pages andhiDXLOtyO all is encrypted arlszwJSnd good. lRZAeFooking forward to my new lookngJbfs

Reply. 4 hours ago

MoYLafwuJTvllgnUrwFy Murley DJGpUKavis

I've gone ahwNoHueaCfXHDJpld aETEEmumESnd ordered my saKHjxYQNumple. I can'AhbSjdnret wait to get started adHzMmend siecWZJsRee whatHcVBQx happens.

Reply. 6VjhrcgwlG hours aHbOnzevgo

JTxIGwjenna PonchohJxxybNldt BusyAQVefTch


As aeWAOYGoxQj realtopSlRor it'sTPUXmYuTRD important to lDyipwOook and feel my beSPdtFeeGgst, uMbZDwnCKwUGUlAfortunateTpSHNwFly the housing mwVcdkumcTJarket isn't doing thatmyJNJBuVIB great so cash has been a liWYsKrttle tight lately. ThankZsCSuSxs for tbcMpmdsmhe info, liocyhyooking forwarNMWEaoZd to recuqotsNXeivinDsmJpqg my sample bottle.

Reply. 8 hoXpONjfXIrurs ago

LaurCbxXQpPJuRa KelczNUuDh Miranda


I have trilGOjvcmTed so much of this kind of stuff, in one sengzWpWyZSFse I want to trAGJsSpy it but infJIVpurQNJ tmZEByflhekOzvXZyt back of my mind IdnwMEZbl am thinking, yeah right!! Someone pXWuRqEiqrlease reassurenOOdFHxcBe mgcBZze it works.


Reply. 8 hdJNKJOQfoGDWlUbgurs aDcRaNDgo


SarHilaDdOAywa BetVIlTSTtCrgheNZsADklFoOger

I tFtasorieXkNPLFFd the bottle thingANgJEtOOpe a whimMHvSxqHle ago and it worked pretty good.huNGJcUiT

ReplKTEdyFjPCsy. 8 hvTVymxkPmours ago


Lauren Kirschenbaum Silver

For oMWshDrUnce I waSqaGUVBWas able to do somethiolVNLng niifBoICce forhRTIpUSbio myselfLQNUN without feeling guilty aOrPxIbout the cost. CkHEHTMEzELan't bemfCpmNMoat freGeHCFee.

RepKqTvkIjFCTlyFmXKuQ. 8QALPmekPFz hours ago

Gotmy Mindframe RigEkHkMht

Had no iMSlURhdea you couldEPeXnt get rTjFzLesults like thisIXakn.

Reply. 9 hours agoAImOGqT

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